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How to build your own highly responsive Opt-In Email List to massive proportions right from scratch...
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Ian Herculson has opened me up to a brand new side to email marketing that I've never really (stupidly) given a second chance. It's called "How to generate an earth- shattering response EVERY single time you mail your list".

I used to think my #1 priority was to BUILD my list until it was so big it just *had* to out-perform every other list in existence. Definitely not so! Ian is the master in proving that anyone can build a 2,000+ subscriber list in record time and rake in serious cash while doing so.

And get this, since I started blindly copying Ian's methods, my opt-in list's response has at least *doubled*. Yes, you read that correct.

I'm not 100% certain, but I think Ian holds the record in building the most successful opt-in list EVER. And the best part is he's revealing how he did it... for FREE!!??

Read his ebook, study it, then read it some more. When you're done, enjoy 40% response rates and a ton of money in the bank. You won't be able to pick up an ebook or course like this anywhere, even if it didn't sell for a pitiful.....

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Rod Lynn


You have absolutely out done yourself with your new eBook *TheOptInStrategy*. Listen man to be honest I can't believe you're giving this away for FREE because you could be charging between $47 and $97 or more *easily.

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining and I really appreciate you letting me have it for free. You've become a leader in the way opt-in lists are built and I've been following your lead for some time ever since you proved to everyone that you could totally lose your list....start from ground zero....and build another money pulling list of customers all over again in such a short time.

My Hats off to you Partner!"

Jerome Chapman


I think you ought to be shot! I wouldn't even give away this priceless information at $67. Seriously, I thought you'd have been 'gone' when you lost your list, but your rebuilding strategies proved me wrong, and now with the Opt in Strategy, I now know EXACTLY how you did it...

Thanks Ian!!! : - )

Jo Han Mok

Ian, are you crazy?!?

You are giving out some of the best list building secrets in your e-book for free... you definitely must be out of your mind!

To the reader.- Ian Herculson is giving you a true gold nugget. My advice is to *GRAB IT AND RUN* -- before he comes to his senses and realizes he must be charging for this info!

Miguel Alvarez, (CEO)

Great tips!

Anyone wanting to build their list fast and creatively needs this book now!

Dr. Joe Vitale,
#1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"

Hey Ian,

Your new ebook is Fantastic!

I have paid for ebooks that have nowhere near the quantity, nor the quality, of information that you are giving away for FREE! I still can't believe it! Having thought that I knew every tactic there was in building a large opt-in list, you still taught me a few things. ALL ezine publishers can learn a lot from 'The Opt-In Strategy'.


Tim Bossie
Northern Pine Marketing


Excellent work!

"The Opt In Strategy" will help a lot of people discover how to easily build their own list and quickly turn it into cash.

Shawn Casey

Hi Ian...

As much as *list building* is emphasized by top marketers, the importance can never be overstated!

And you've certainly devised a very creative and effective method for viral list building...

So simple anyone could do it!

Just grab a copy of this ebook and go. And best of all, it's free!

Bryan Winters


The new book is great!

Well written. When I first saw it I thought - "Not another book on opt-in list building" - but then I read it! I like the way you break things down so even the newbies can understand it. We seldom ad any free books to our membership site, but we will be proud to add The Opt-In Strategy.

Doug West

Hi Ian,

I have to congratulate you for making this great Ebook available. It's a real goldmine, packed with proven ideas and tips to build a responsive Opt-In list fast and easy. Wish this book was around when I started online... it would have helped me a lot!

Good job!


Dirk Dupon


Love your book, The Opt-In Strategy!!!!!

Wish now I had waited a few days before buying Make a Living Online and Mining Gold on the Internet! Both are good, don't get me wrong about that, but from what I;ve gleaned so far from your book, you could possibly teach Jim and Shawn a few things,,,:)

Anyway, thanks again!


In all my experience in the industry I have never seen anything as this. It brilliantly eliminates the major problem areas most people strike out at in building a successful and optin email lists.

Great Work Ian!

Rene Knops,


Congrats on a truly phenomenal ebook! In just the first 24 hours of using one of your strategies we were able to increase our subscription rate by just over 50%!!!


Andrew Wroblewski

Good site and good information!! And you are such a "baby", so young in age. More power to you!!! Go! Go! Go!

Maybe I can learn this stuff yet with help from people like you.


Hannah Norcross
Aaron Sales and Lease Ownership
Corporate Office


Thank you for sending me this great e-book. I read it all in one siting because it was so good.

I have read many books and e-books (many I have paid lots of money for) and "The Opt In Strategy" helped me to fill in the gaps in my knowledge which no other product has managed to do.

Most of all it reminded me of the value of my subscriber list and the next for frequent backups. Thanks Ian.

Kind regards.

Mark Fregnan


It's an excellent must read book. I can't believe you're giving away so many secrets for free.

You've made list building an art.

A lot of solid information presented in an easy to read step by step manner.

John Colanzi


I just wanted to say your book was a great read.

The methods you show the reader can be followed by ANYONE online, new or expert, and are sure to help everyone start building their own list quickly. I wish I had had this book when I was starting out - it would have made things a lot easier!

Jason Anderson

Hello Ian

This is Tom Parish. I live in Austin TX.

Last week I downloaded your OptInStrategy ebook. What an amazingly practical and USEFUL book. Truly - it's one of the more useful E-Books I"ve seen and I'm amazed it is free. I am thankful. Just the fact that you promote AutoResponsePLus is - was a big deal to me. I love that program. But you provide so much more in your ebook - it's a gold mine.

Tom Parish

Hi Ian,

I have just finished reading the "Opt In Strategy". What an AWESOME book!

This is THE best eBook I have ever read when it comes to list building. I still can't believe you're giving this away for FREE!

Thank you so much,

Jimmy Alshafi

To your success,

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